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Would much appreciate you'd add to my book... thanks.

I got a 1985 magna 700 with a leaking fuel pump. I can't seem to find a new pump or used one. I'd appreciate it if someone could steer me in the direction of where I can acquire a fuel pump that will work. I am willing to try and rebuild the one I got but haven't found anything on that either. Thanks

Aaron S. <>
Austin, TX, USA - 08/24/2011 at 15:23:52 EDT
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Hello, I have just purchased 1987 vf700 super magna, a bit run down, but working on restoring to former glory, what a bike. Could anyone help I am looking to buy rear pillion seat and sissy bar original or any suggestions to what might fit, I would greatly appreciate your kind help and assistance.

Kevin Thomson <>
Edinburgh, Scotland - 05/15/2011 at 17:33:38 EDT
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Just got a 1983 Magna 750. It has sat for a few years and now it will not start. It tun=rns over just fine, but does not seem to be getting any spark. Any help would be greatly appriciated.

Rodney <>
Cave Junction, OR, USA - 08/15/2010 at 14:49:29 EDT
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I have a 1984 VF500 Magna V30, Jist turn 5,200 original miles, Got it as a barter years ago and after a good tank flush, rebuilt carbs, changed all hoses and battery.This son of a gun makes me hold on. The exceptional power band from 2nd to 3rd geard at 7k rpm is riviting. Just needs new paint as after 26 years it has a feww scratches but gets me from NJ - NY city in 40 minutes. 48 mpg and now the BAD PART... I have to sell this little charmer. facing surgery beginning of August and am going to list on ebay with a reserved price of $1500.00 Just this past weekend I entered her in a clasic bike show an took second place of the peoples choice award. Pics are available email with ????

OdaddyO <>
Keansburg, NJ, USA - 07/19/2010 at 21:15:35 EDT
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i have owned my 85 v30 for 3years love it,1st road bike i've owned.i am short 5ft and i lowerd this bike and been enjoying it every since.i am a late sterter as i am in my 40's and starting to ride. thanks bren.

brenda <>
johannesburg, mi, USA - 07/11/2010 at 22:42:15 EDT
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I have a 85' Magna I am thinking about selling if anyone is interested. Just under 40,000 miles clean with no issues

ken <>
columbus, oh, USA - 07/08/2010 at 16:53:54 EDT
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Got a used '86 magna. Her name is OD and she's been treatin me great. Trying to learn about it the easy way before i have to the hard way ;) need a manual if anybody has a lead or a link.

James Bass
brooklyn, USA - 06/21/2010 at 16:52:22 EDT
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Just bought a '98 750c with only 8000 miles. I love this bike! The top end speed is amazing, and love the way she handles in town... owned several bikes through the years and this is by far the best!

Mark Ramsey <>
Omaha, NE, USA - 06/11/2010 at 15:05:13 EDT
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82 vf 750v45mag sat in grage 5 years got it runnin good pulled clutch in went to put in gear and died bleed it need help

chris <>
indiana, USA - 04/04/2010 at 12:57:06 EDT
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i juszt brought my frist 85 manga v45 hope i brought a good deal price was right it comes from micghin

douglas ashcroft <>
republic, oh, USA - 03/29/2010 at 13:21:14 EDT
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just bought a magna

ed allen <>
calgary, ab, canada - 03/19/2010 at 23:44:24 EDT
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just bought an 86 magna vf700c when starting and bike on center stand you have to rock bike on center stand and it will run good. what could this be? quict the rocking motion and it dosn't want to take gas good until the engine warms up.and you have to have the choke on and it takes 20 minutes to warm up its like someting is wrong a gas problem or electrical not sure.the fuel pump is working i do have a weak spark and ordered a used coil should be here anyday now.

ben sturgell <>
kenton, oh, USA - 02/26/2010 at 02:02:25 EDT
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1985 Magna VF700C. 2nd owner. Custom Paint. Love my Bike. Looking to upgrade to LED turns and tails before spring gets here. Keeping my eye's open fo some cool ones.

Jeff Horton <>
Detroit, MI, USA - 01/29/2010 at 15:09:24 EDT
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Have an 83 v 45 magna but havent rode in a while due to not being able to find parts, its a shame maggy only has 12000 miles and she is sitting in the garage.

tim ritchie <>
wheeling, wv, USA - 11/15/2009 at 16:30:02 EDT
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I own 2 magna v-45 an 82 and an 86 both great bikes! problem is, is that the fuel pump went out on the 86 and guess what? They no longer makes these parts for any of the 8o's models. Is there any one out there who has an exta one on a parts bike and would be willing to part with it that would be great. You can reach me buy e-mail @ or phone me at 716-499-6308. Thanks and enjoy riding

Roy Jarvis <>
chattanooga , tn, USA - 06/13/2009 at 15:10:15 EDT
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I love my 82 V-45 Sabre, But while at the gas station,another Sabre owner asked me If I had made a modifacation to the oil system concerning more oil pressure to the tappeds. My bike has 16000 miles and needless to say ,I LOVE IT.61 yrs old Riding Free.Very greatful for a tread.And for that friend who's changed,plugs,fuel lines Etc.Check for fuel in your crankcase,which will wet your plugs and not allow your piston to seal and creat compression.And ofcourse.Fuel,copression,ingtion.Check for spark. Easy does it. Bronx James

James Rosado <>
Matthews, NC, USA - 03/22/2009 at 03:41:31 EDT
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MMMM MAGNA..WOW what a bike.. Just purchased a 94.Cream puff.Love itNow im digging in the accessories web pages,CHROME CHROME CHROME....Wheels first! RIDE JUST RIDE!

Toby Mofield <>
Nashville, Tn, USA - 03/16/2009 at 14:15:32 EDT
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Going to get an 83 v45 Magna as a first bike (been riding dirt bikes for years). I am 6'1 and weigh 185, and was wondering how this bike is for long distance with stock seat and highway pegs, as I'm worried about my height. Any suggestions, tips? Thanks. Feel free to email me or just respond above.

Dan <>
Oneida, NY, USA - 03/14/2009 at 13:07:55 EDT
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New owner of 1995 750 YELLOW Magna with 11,100 miles on it. All stock with padded sissy bar. Previous bikes 1100 Shadow, 750 Shadow, and 'ol skool 650.

Sam Turk <>
Fort Mill, SC, USA - 02/17/2009 at 12:00:23 EDT
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I am buying a V65 1100 next week i have never owned one of these before but i hope they are ok.

John Lawrence <>
London, United Kingdom - 02/07/2009 at 14:26:07 EDT
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ive got a 1986 700cc had it 6 years,its never missed a beat till the starter motor wore out,love it.emission controll been messing with me carbs. but sorted now.any one know if 1982 750 exhaust will fit ?(front end)ride safe

Gail Carter <>
Scarborough, yorkshire, uk - 02/04/2009 at 16:04:57 EDT
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Proud owner of a Magna V30.

Kevin Tang <>
Sunnyvale, CA, USA - 01/29/2009 at 20:43:00 EDT
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I bought an 84 Magna V45 in February that only had 12,000 miles on it, lots of little things to fix on her but suffice it to say she has 18,000 miles now as of the end of December! When I bought it the back rim did not match and I was given the stock one, which I recently put on the bike when I replaced the back tire. This is when I discovered that they had painted the front rim black. No problem, took some chemical stripper to it today, I found out why, the chrome was pealing under the paint. Anybody know where I can get a replacement?

Mac McIntosh <>
Clovis, CA, USA - 12/30/2008 at 21:35:11 EDT
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I own a 1996 Magna...bought it new and have 39,000 miles on it. Absolutely love it!

Ed <>
Severn, MD, USA - 12/18/2008 at 18:32:49 EDT
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Dude! Sweet second guestbook! Don't you ride a Harley now??

Dave Weide <>
Colorado Springs, CO, USA - 10/31/2008 at 18:40:54 EDT
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Hi guys, have finally got myself a Magna 1100! Great bike but would love to customise it, chop the tail, wider bridge, wheel and tank, paintjob etc... Unfortunately I can't find many photo's of Magna's to get the imagination going (custom Magna's of course) and so am stumped... Money is an object and time is of no importance as I bought the bike as a project and have no experienced the ride of a lifetime on the old dog!! Anybody who can help me out here with photo's please feel free or tips and thoughts on what and how to build my Magna. Cheers and safe Motoring ;-)

Rugby Bear <>
Antwerp, Belgium - 10/07/2008 at 03:59:52 EDT
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I just bought an 83 VF750 Magna 45. This is my first bike. I just got it out of the shop and am looking forward to many good rides.

Scott Govoni <>
Boston, Ma, USA - 10/03/2008 at 22:07:28 EDT
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I have always wanted an 80's MAGNA found one for 500 bucks from frustrated owner with 13,000 miles on it man what a ride sorry i waited so long to get one, anyone needing help let me know i am learning alot about this bike as i go

Barry Rummel <>
Portage, oh, USA - 09/06/2008 at 09:35:38 EDT
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hello all last week i purchase a 84 700 magna with only 7444 miles came with new saddle bags but no support brackets were can i find these to fit. anyone who know drop me a e-mail thanks

darlene <>
spencer, nc, USA - 08/24/2008 at 03:10:28 EDT
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I have a 86 v45 tht is a great bike but i'm wanting to louded it up just a bit also i'd love to find a windshield to fit it

bill jenkins <>
USA - 08/10/2008 at 22:49:03 EDT
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I just got my first bike, a 82 Magna 750. Does anyone know of some louder aftermarket pipes I could add on?

Doug Riemer <>
Milwaukee, WI, USA - 07/19/2008 at 11:51:48 EDT
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i just bought a 84 magna 700. i want to put new handlebars on anyone know any? or a good kind for the bike

Crystal <>
hammonton, nj, USA - 06/25/2008 at 14:20:28 EDT
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Just bought a 1984 Magna V45. What a great bike. 24K miles and it runs like a top. I haven't owned a bike since the 70's - boy, did I choose the right bike to get back onto.

Mark S.
Walworth, NY, USA - 06/13/2008 at 12:37:30 EDT
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Just bought a 86 v45 magna,Put drag bars on it,Arlen ness Tear drop Mirrors.All i can i cay say is I LOVE this bike!!!Please contact me with any mods i can do !!! Keep it on the road guys!

Kevin <>
Orlando, fl, USA - 06/05/2008 at 19:19:05 EDT
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Just purchased an 82 Magna Limited edition. Have loved it so far.

Chris Bowes <>
Maryville, TN, USA - 06/02/2008 at 20:07:45 EDT
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I have two Magna's 1986 & 1996. bought the 86 vf700 magna loved it for years now my new purchace of a vf750 magna just sparked a new flame...the 96 is totaly Wild to ride, so much improvments in the quality of the ride, not to mention the speed ( oh my god )Magna Lover For Ever, happy riding

Adrian Brock <>
wentzville, mo, USA - 05/25/2008 at 09:16:09 EDT
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I,m a first time rider and My co-worker turned me toward the Magna V-45. a few of the bikes that I,ve liked and wanted to buy were a little too far to go and get. Can some one help me to try to find my bike?

Russ Powers <>
Caldwell, Ohio, USA - 05/19/2008 at 12:02:58 EDT
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I have a 1986 V45 with 20K adult driven miles. I absolutely love this bike...thought of going for an 1100 Sabre, but not nearly as gorgeous as ours.... these bikes are the best cruisers out there.... we should have a v45/v65 rally somwhere in the midwest...see how many are resurrected and could make it... that would be funny...

Earl Glase <>
Topeka, ks, USA - 04/11/2008 at 16:13:34 EDT
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I have a 1986 Magna VF 700. The fuel pump went out and is no longer available. I bought a similar one and cannot get over 50 mph. I bought a voltage regulator and still no go. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

Jay D <>
Houston, TX, USA - 03/30/2008 at 16:50:58 EDT
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Just bought a '94 750 Magna and love it! One thing though....the previous owner removed the muffler baffles and I need to find some. Anyone with ideas please help!

Gary <>
Cataula, Ga, USA - 03/29/2008 at 04:16:50 EDT
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I have a sweet 85 magna 700 for sale. 18000 miles, new clutch system runs great $1800..618-303-2337

Jon Skaggs <>
st.louis, MO, USA - 08/28/2007 at 13:53:16 EDT
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Hi to all from Alamogordo NM 88310 White Sands Riders

Al <>
Alamogordo, NM, USA - 01/03/2007 at 19:30:00 EDT
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Bought a 2001 Magna a month ago and love the beast.I'm a 63 yr old Vietnam Vet and love the thrill of riding the Magna. Most fun I've ever had with my clothes on.

Bill Crenshaw <>
Springdale, AR, USA - 09/13/2006 at 10:16:50 EDT
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I just got my 2003 magna i love it, looking for good sites to visit .....

K Chapman <>
Lewisburg, TN, USA - 08/16/2006 at 18:50:11 EDT
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just bought an 83 magna 750. she's getting prettied up right now. can't wait to show off my bike.

Aaron <>
Schererville, IN, USA - 08/08/2006 at 18:12:39 EDT
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I have a 1984 vf700 magma for 2 year I had poeple say good looking bike & I say the ride is sweet I love to ride it!

Smiley B Mueller <>
Hanover, PA, USA - 07/26/2006 at 20:38:26 EDT
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My first bike was my fathers 82 Honda Silverwing he signed over to me 5 years ago. Sadly it got stolen 3 years ago. Luckly a friend called me 9 month later and said her friend was selling a 85 Magna V65 for $1,300.I used my savings of 1000 dollars (the most I have ever saved up till that point)and my girlfriend offerd to give me the rest to buy it. I bought Jezabeel(Now named Mara knowing my car would probably break down in the winter. The last part of Nov my car broke down and I had to ride my Magna in 32-40 dagree (1 day in the rain)weather for a week till I got another car. It was the craziest and best choice I ever made. I am fixing up and customizing her. I love her and my girlfriend.

Brother Benjamin <>
Xenia, OH, USA - 07/19/2006 at 20:10:53 EDT
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84 v30 magna. going cross country on this baby with some buddies in less than 2 weeks. virtually no riding experience. certainly no maintenance experience. i just rebuilt the clutch master cylinder but can't get pressure back in the clutch. this was the problem before the rebuild. i have no real idea of how to fix it. i have tried bleeding it but maybe i didn't hold my mouth right. for a 22 year old full of P___ and vinegar, please give me your thoughts.

Luke Carrier <>
Elizabethton, TN, USA - 06/26/2006 at 13:44:40 EDT
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I am about to buy an 85 Magna V30. The previous owner parked it 6 months ago, and now it won't start. I plan to start by draining the tank (which smells like gas, not varnish, btw), refilling with fresh gas, and buying a new battery. Any one have any thoughts or advice for me? I know very little about engines or anything like that, basically I just know how to ride. Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated. Maybe I'll get some pics of it up, especially if someone helps me get it running really quick. Thanks again.

Scott Levengood <>
Columbus, OH, USA - 06/16/2006 at 23:09:31 EDT
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I just bought a 1983 v45,Have not been on road for a few years now ,love the bike love the power,

Bruce Weigel <>
Moorhead, MN, USA - 05/28/2006 at 17:12:56 EDT
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Just sold My "83 Magna with the $2,000 Paint job for my asking price about three days ago. I know the party that bought it was real happy to obtain this remarkable piece of performance bike history.

Cliff Aultman <>
San Antonio, TX, USA - 05/21/2006 at 04:36:57 EDT
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Nice website. I have a 95 Magna and I am looking to custimize it with some different fenders and wanted to know if anyone has changed their fenders our on this bike?

David Parkerson <>
Jeffersonville, IN, USA - 05/15/2006 at 12:04:00 EDT
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Various different motorcycle companys have produced V-4 powered bikes,but Honda had by far the best v-4, Sound quality was second to none especially with v45 & v-65 Magna's And when you needed horses and torque..they did Not dissappoint!! I hope to aquire a pristine v65 someday!

Kent Johnson <>
Monticello, MN, USA - 05/09/2006 at 23:22:51 EDT
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1982 Honda Magna. v45. Only steet bike ever made,Only street bike I'll ever own...There isn't a person that asked me to ride my bike that their first words weren't "I'll buy her from you...!"Sweetest ride for a cruiser.

Heavy D <>
Detroit Lakes, MN, USA - 05/05/2006 at 18:45:46 EDT
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I need to know what after market exaust will fit my 87 magna vf700c . I would like some-thing like the orignal look if I could . If any one knows a site or a number please let me know my phone num is 1 780 221 3649 please call if you know any thing

scott johnstone <>
Edmonton, Ab, Canada - 04/10/2006 at 21:55:50 EDT
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I need advice. my mechanic dipped all 4 carbs, and cleaned gas tank, and put in fresh gas. but he says it feels like the two front cylinders are starved for gas. Any ideas?

Dennis Dowdall <>
Lake St. Louis, MO, USA - 04/05/2006 at 14:16:59 EDT
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We bought an '83 Honda Magna V65 1100 for $500 that had been sitting in a garage for years and needed some TLC. Now it's in beautiful condition, except it needs a clutch and second gear replaced. We called the Honda shop last fall and were told it would cost $1,000... no biggie, but now, we're being told that they won't do it 'cuz they can't get parts anymore. One "bike man" told us he'd charge $2,000 to fix it. We're looking for the parts or a used bike for parts or any suggestions you may have as to how we can get this gorgeous bike on the road. We drove it last year around the block a few times and is it ever fast! If we can't fix it, we may have to sell it.

Dan and Viv <>
Rockford, MI, USA - 03/30/2006 at 10:25:19 EDT
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This is my second bike i love it but its hard on gas

doug hawley <>
Brantford, Ontario, Canada - 03/04/2006 at 22:45:44 EDT
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I just traded for a 1983 Honda V-45 750 Magna; 'nice bike; 'But my Pipes are wide-open, & it's way too loud; I need a set of silencers &/or baffles. If you've got a set, let me know. I am also on the look-out for a Royal Enfield, to Trade; 'and so I'm interested in any feed-back on the reliability of these 'Brit.' bikes. Thanks, RL;

RL <>
Blackwell, OK, USA - 03/02/2006 at 14:51:05 EDT
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Worked on an oil rig this summer of 2005 and made enough money to buy my first bike! Found an 1983 V45 Magna with 20,000 miles on it for a cool $1500 and I've never looked back. She's a fine runner with a flaming yellow paitn job. Only reservation I got is with the seat. Got a pretty fat touring seat on it and I'd like to switch to a slimmer style. Seat is in perfect shape. Be willing to buy or trade. Besides that, she's the best ride I've ever been on. Blown away plenty of Harley's on it!

Alex Keller <>
Trail City, SD, USA - 02/21/2006 at 12:29:45 EDT
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I have a '83 V65 with 23k on it that I have had since oct '83. Been riding it of and on for a while during these past 23yrs. It has a $2,000 prismatic paint job on it that flips about 8 colors and is in pristine condition.Seat has been reupholstered in leather with the original factory pattern. Just had the carbs rebuilt,the clutch and system bled, Brakes and wheels cylinders rebuilt, new progressive shocks, new rear tire, tune-up and valves adjusted,new plates and inspection done this week.This was the only bike to come out of the crate stock in 1983 that could run consistent 10 second 1/4 mile times on pump gas. It has been babied and garaged all it's life. For sale $4500 firm.

Cliff Aultman <>
San Antonio, TX, USA - 02/12/2006 at 06:38:16 EDT
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Sold my 98 V-Star last May. Started looking for a bike in Nov. My hubby found out about a 98 Magna for sale. I researched on the www and after reading about the speed thought this is not a bike for me. We went..he test drove..said write the check. We left with the bike and I was soooo mad! I had not agreed to it as after reading abt it's power was scared of it. It sat for 3 days before I even would sit on it. Finally I took it out and woohooo LOVED IT!! Yes, it can go Vroommmmm..but not unless you twist that I have left my hubby in the dust on his Soft Tail several times. Handles ohhh so wonderful. Just a dream. Oh, I am a 54 yrs old, grandmother .

Susan Elliott <>
Clewiston, FL, USA - 01/21/2006 at 00:14:27 EDT
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Hi Looking to buy an 80's v45 (preferably) or v65 magna. lower miles the better. Not afraid to drive it home, but would prefer one as close as possible.

Bill <>
Brockport, NY, USA - 01/20/2006 at 21:55:37 EDT
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Last week I purchased my 83 V45 VF750C with 19000 on the odometer. Haven't been on a bike since 1970 and this one is a blast. Looking for replacement fuel tank and side covers. Also for a Magna club in Colorado. Let me hear from ya guys.

Joe Wilson <>
Colorado Springs, CO, USA - 01/19/2006 at 00:50:00 EDT
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steve stancombe <>
Bedford, IN, USA - 01/17/2006 at 10:26:32 EDT
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I just ran across your website today, and it's really great! I have the exact same bike as yours and I love it too. I had no idea that it was PC Compatible..hehehe. I just bought it last year on ebay and have already had a lot of fun with it. It's stock right now, but I may try the muffler modification. Cheers!

Ben Sartor <>
Columbus, OH, USA - 01/10/2006 at 19:58:42 EDT
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I just picked up a 98 Magna, I've been riding for about 25 years now. My last two bikes were Suzukis; an 1100 and most recently a 750. This Magna is awesome, or am I just getting old? Either way, I look forward to riding as often as possible.

Mike D <>
San Diego, CA, USA - 01/04/2006 at 01:58:59 EDT
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I´ve got a Magna 84 since 1994. I have not used it for 4 years, but right now is in the mechanios getting ready to be run again. Long Live to Magna Riders!!!

Guille Migliozzi <>
Mendoza, MZA, Argentina - 12/11/2005 at 22:10:00 EDT
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I bought a 1994',in 1993,as of August of 05'I have approx. 87,000 miles on it! I love this bike! I added the carb jets/shims, and what a difference!! The only major problem I have right now, is the front cam tensioner is bad! Put a new one on and same problem!I'am going to try another new one and see what happens! I was hoping to make it to 100,000! Will see what happens!

Fairview Park, OH, USA - 12/06/2005 at 11:22:41 EDT
Posted by

Also just purchased an 82 magna, looking for maintenance info. etc. thanks,later.

jeff kneip <>
university place, Washington, USA - 11/21/2005 at 15:42:02 EDT
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sokolos777 <>
Sioux Falls, SOUTH DAKOTA, USA - 11/12/2005 at 22:31:08 EDT
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I bought 1 83 v65 magna last summer and man did this bike win my heart. Its had some problems but it has really been dependable. I park it right by the harleys and dare any body to rat f___ my bike. It hasn't been taken care of like the prior owner wanted me to believe. But that ok because when I get done I'll know what I'll have which is a stand up bike.

Sioux Falls, SD, USA - 11/12/2005 at 22:11:59 EDT
Posted by

At 5'2 120, and female, this is the best bike ever made. Power of a sportbike, comfort of a a cruiser. I looked for a VERY long time to find a quad exhaust, 4 cyl. Nothing out there is like the Magna. What an incredible machine. Thank you HONDA for making this bike. It's my love and my race to love. But what were you THINKING when you stopped making this bike?! Yeah, I know there are some weak points, but what bike DOESN'T have weak points about it? I would never want any other bike but the Magna. It beats the Shadow Spirit 750 and Ace 750. I raced a Vulcan 1500 and blew it off the road. On my Magna I am ALWAYS up for a race!

Michelle Mosley <>
Nashville, TN, USA - 11/10/2005 at 09:09:08 EDT
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I have owned 83 v65 for 22 yrs,has 26900 miles on it,tuck it away in the garage for 18 yrs until this august. I was tired of ninja style bikes blowing passed my suv at breath taking speed. stopped at the honda dealer bought a set of plugs and new fuel filter . You should have seen their faces when I pulled out beside to of them ready to get it on down a seven mile stetch of us rte 422. the light changed, I let her go at 6000 and they didn,t want to lay their duckeis down . now I am a 54 yr old born again heathen

Mike <>
KITTANNING, PA, USA - 10/23/2005 at 14:39:11 EDT
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Bought a 82 Magna which is my first bike. I need a owners manual. Any assistance would be appreciated!

Dale Troxel <>
Independence, MO, USA - 10/19/2005 at 22:49:24 EDT
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Ride a Honda VF700, Bought it in July 2005, with 20,000 Miles for $1,050. Almost perfect condition, But I would like to find some aftermarket parts if any one knows where I can buy them please email me

Jared Slocum <>
Lawrence, MI, USA - 10/02/2005 at 20:02:20 EDT
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I have an 84 vf700c and love it i put handlebars off of a 2005 honda rebel on it and let me tell you it is a great upgrade. I would like to put a corbin seat on it though but they only make it for a 82-83 magna which is a one piece seat i was woundering if anyone has tried this swap and made it would any advice would be apreciated thanks.

John Schroeder <>
Fergus Falls, MN, USA - 09/28/2005 at 13:29:31 EDT
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Bought a 1998 honda magna vf750c with 12,000 miles on it. It is awesome and I have many plans for it. It came with cobra pipes and all the chrome extra's. Love the bike.

Gene Correia <>
Fresno, CA, USA - 09/21/2005 at 01:15:00 EDT
Posted by

I just bought a 03' magna last week. I have never owned a bike, but I have riden several. I have been very impressed with this bike. The power is great, it handles well, and it excellerates smoothly. This 750 rides more like a 1100 or 1200. Oh yea, for all you tall guys, I am 6'3" and around 230, and I have had no problem with comfort. The magna is, with out a doubt, one of the best honda bikes I have riden.

Chris P <>
M'boro, TN, USA - 08/30/2005 at 21:21:49 EDT
Posted by

What a great site!!

Scott <>
Cleveland, OH, USA - 08/29/2005 at 21:30:09 EDT
Posted by

I have an 03 Magna, bought her with 83 miles on in Oct. 2003(now have over 11k which for most isnt much) and I love it. Took her on about a 3500 mile vacation this year. Went thru sand,rain & 70mph wind storms in AZ, hail storm in NX and oh yeah plenty of 50mph+ cross winds in KS. Went with 7 others that didn't think we could keep up the pace, BUT we had no problem even on the smallest CC bike loaded. Plan on putting plenty more miles where they came from on her and hoping to meet up with more Magna riders along the way. Just joined the club. ALready planning for next year to return to the Smokey Mountains.

Gail Clubb <>
Pacific, MO, USA - 08/17/2005 at 22:25:57 EDT
Posted by

I inherited an 1983 750 magna,did carb job, little electrical problems. nice bike. not great at turns at speed.

Troy Pederson <>
St. Paul, MN, USA - 08/08/2005 at 02:28:11 EDT
Posted by

great website thanks for having it

fuquay varina, NC, USA - 08/06/2005 at 22:35:00 EDT
Posted by

Getting myself a 97 Magna w/20,000 miles. First time rider...any comments on how the bike has treated you would be great.

Tony <>
Slowcala, FL, USA - 08/01/2005 at 06:29:38 EDT
Posted by

Just bought a 1986 VF700 two weeks's been 15 years since I last had a bike.....BOY, I sure didn't know what I was missing........I am in heaven again........would like any input as to ideas of what exhaust I could use on this bike to make it sound a little "throatier" if you know what I mean.....Great site.....I'll be back soon and hope to hear from can catch me on Yahoo Messenger too with same name as e-mail.

Steve <>
Glenburn, ME, USA - 07/25/2005 at 20:09:36 EDT
Posted by

Hi just aquired a vf700 1985 calafornian option any tips

Neale Bryan <>
Newport, UK - 07/25/2005 at 13:32:38 EDT
Posted by

I recently stepped up from my CB750F to an '84 Magna V65. Love IT! Need an owner's manual, though. Anyone know where I might get one. I have the service man. Just need owners. Thanks

Dave Blackburn <>
Tuscaloosa, AL, USA - 07/16/2005 at 17:58:14 EDT
Posted by

Bought a 96 magna 6 months ago. Love the bike and the ride. i built a set of chrome straight pipes with removable baffles. now i cant see or hear any harley unless i am in my car. i have been to daytona and myrtle beach for bike week what a rush. just bought a dyno jet kit for my bike anyone wanna give me any tips before i begin the installation. oh ya raced a mustang cobra and blew the doors off him. email me with carb tips and i will tell ya how i built chrome straight pipes with removable baffles for under 70 bucks.

Jimbo <jimbob019752020>
Middleburg, FL, USA - 07/15/2005 at 15:53:58 EDT
Posted by

Hey Chuck, what a great web site. Also, I value our friendship very much. You take care of YOU in all you do.

John Romig <>
Ruidoso, NM, USA - 07/05/2005 at 19:43:12 EDT

I have a 84 700 Magna, have done a few custom things so far, but would like to Lower it a little, If anyone can help in finding parts, please email me at thanks and ride on

Brad Guck <>
Grand Forks, ND, USA - 06/28/2005 at 23:57:51 EDT
Posted by

82 magna 750 here

Jeff <>
Loganville, GA, USA - 06/18/2005 at 23:49:09 EDT
Posted by

I need a good (back-half) of a stock seat.1984 700 Magna..thanks

Tim Roberts <>
RK, Va, USA - 06/17/2005 at 09:00:50 EDT
Posted by

A great bike. I just bought my '97 Magna 750 a week ago and only regret I didn't buy one sooner! By the way, my pipes ROCK!

Bob Haslett <>
Smithers, BC, Canada - 06/11/2005 at 17:51:06 EDT
Posted by

Need a lowering kit for a V65 Magna 1984. This is for my wife any ideas please email me at eric@ohlenbeck.netThanks...

Eric <>
Fishers, IN, USA - 06/09/2005 at 10:24:00 EDT
Posted by

I'm 6feet 2inches tall, never owned a street bike, I am concidering a 1985 magna 700. Am i too tall to enjoy this bike? $1800.00 10,000 miles exec cond.Is that a good deal? Jayson

Jayson Leavelle <>
Saxton, PA, USA - 05/28/2005 at 21:02:22 EDT
Posted by

I own a 1984 Honda Magna V45 with 6,500 original miles and I love every momemt that I get to ride it. To all the Magna owners RIDE ON!!!

Bill Featherstone <>
Muskegon, MI, USA - 05/25/2005 at 20:04:05 EDT
Posted by

I have a '95 Magna Deluxe. Was stored a long time before I got it and carb pilot passages were thoroughly varnished, not-to-mention stock lean surge issues. Used dunk-juice on maximally disassembled carb components. Also installed Dyno-Jet jet kit for narrower needles / more midrange gas. Experimented a little but ended up with Dynojet needles, STOCK main jets, STOCK diapragm springs, with enlarged holes via Dynojet drill bit. Very nice and smooth response now from idle to top. Runs a little cooler than stock, and choke is off within 1-2 minutes in cool weather, never on in hot weather.Have baffles out (loud pipes save lives), but want classier sound of straights than chuff in holes!!

Jonathan Whittum <>
Boulder City, NV, USA - 05/25/2005 at 14:23:51 EDT
Posted by

I just bought my first bike, '82 Magna. I love it, there is no better feeling in the world that riding -- except maybe . . . well, no, there's nothing better. Anyways, nice to find a site dedicated to such a great bike! I'll be sure to keep checking back! -Brannon

Brannon <>
Portland, OR, USA - 05/21/2005 at 16:27:42 EDT
Posted by

I had a 1985 Honda Magna V-30, in exelent conditions. I'm trying to find some accesories for it, and I want photos for others Magna V-30 models. Thanks.

Eliezer Lebron <>
San Sebastian, PR, USA - 05/19/2005 at 20:03:40 EDT
Posted by

This site rulezz!I want more pictures!!!

Honda Squad <>
Washington, DC, USA - 05/10/2005 at 03:19:53 EDT
Posted by

I ride "Ronin" an 1984 Magna 700c, with 23,000 miles I would'nt trade it for the world (or wife). Does anyone know if the Corbin single seat will fit on a double seat 1984 Magna?I "GOT RICE!"

Daren Fredrickson <>
Ridgefield, WA, USA - 04/27/2005 at 14:50:50 EDT
Posted by


FLEMINGTON, NJ, USA - 04/15/2005 at 16:20:15 EDT
Posted by

When I saw your site I thought you were a crazy man but I was wrong. I wanted to buy a bigger bike but it's not in the funds this year. You showed me what I can do with this great bike to make it feel new again. I bought a Mustang Seat, working on buying Leatherlike bags, T-Bags Ice T2 rack bag, and Vance and Hines Classic pipes.

Slang <>
PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA - 04/15/2005 at 00:49:32 EDT
Posted by

Have a 83' Magna...I am original owner...surfin around and found your site...searching for front pipes...guess I have to go threw Honda....enjoy your site..Ride On!!!

Anthony Oppermann <>
Folsom, NJ, USA - 04/11/2005 at 20:30:06 EDT
Posted by

hey great site. im wanting to customize my 82 magna. anyone makin tanks and diferent fenders for them? and possilby a lowering kit. please email me if you have any helpfull info. thnaks

Jeff Burge <>
Flora, IN, USA - 04/06/2005 at 23:18:58 EDT
Posted by

Just bought 1995 Magna 750. Has aftermarket pipes. I want to put stock pipes back on it. Anyone interested in trading?

Denise <>
Topeka, KS, USA - 04/06/2005 at 15:41:38 EDT
Posted by

HiI have an 82 V45 Magna that I think is one of the best riding bikes ever built. It ran great over the past 10 years. For some reason now it won't start. I did the following- emptied the fule tank and added new gas.- Replaced fuel line and fuel filter.- plugs.- Carbs cleaned- Battery.It still will not start. When I turn the key, the engine turns but it sounds as if the spark plug wires are off. It is getting spark.Would you have any ideas or people I can connect with to find solutions? I love this bike.MAny thanks in advance.

Newton <>
Worcester, MA, USA - 04/03/2005 at 17:23:09 EDT
Posted by

i have an 84 v65 magna,absolutely love it!any opinions on getting the oil mod?anyone put on alot of trouble-free miles without one? i've looked at the dale walker oil mod,(i believe it's currently for sale on e-bay) any one use this? was it hard to install? i'm already doing all the "cam-wear preventions" like running motorcycle specific 10-40 synthetic oil,minimal idling,keeping the rpm's over 3500 when cruising.also going to put on the fanstat switch that kicks on at a lower temp,(or maybe go with the manual override switch?) any feedback would be appreciated,thank you.

chris knutson <>
Fargo, ND, USA - 04/01/2005 at 21:51:44 EDT
Posted by

i've got 1985 v65 had for a few years now excellent machine ,so comfy to ride and excellent realiability,the only down side is trying to get parts in the uk .

Klanky <>
Reading, Berks, UK - 03/27/2005 at 14:18:34 EDT
Posted by

I've got a 1985 700 magna with only 72,000 miles on it! that's right 72000! It is a great bike and I can run it all day and keep up with the bigger bikes too

John <>
Lakes Region, NH, USA - 03/26/2005 at 21:02:07 EDT
Posted by

Thinking of buying a 86 magna that has not been run for the last 6 years , but stored well. looking for saddle bags,any thoughts ? Also it has unusual exaust pipes , two on each side , with a slite flare upwards . Ever seen such a set ?Thanks

John <>
Silver Creek, NY, USA - 03/22/2005 at 09:03:42 EDT
Posted by

I just bought an 83 v45. Are there any websites that offer parts for these bikes. I cant find anywhere to get a headlight. Also I plan on running a lightweight synthetic oil to help keep the upper heads in good condition, Good idea, or no?

Matthew Bailey <>
Dunkirk, NY, USA - 03/21/2005 at 20:15:05 EDT
Posted by

I ride a 1986 magna 700

Alfred <>
Backwood, NJ, USA - 03/19/2005 at 04:50:57 EDT
Posted by

Thanks for a wonderful ride. I couldn't have asked for more.

Ruby d Reyna <>
San Antonio, TX, USA - 03/12/2005 at 22:55:24 EDT
Posted by

i have a windsheild that was on a 86 honda magna 700, it is like new, does anyone know what i can sell it for???

Dave <>
Ft. Wayne, IN, USA - 03/10/2005 at 21:36:19 EDT
Posted by

Just bought a Magna 2 weeks ago.I love it. Happy birthday man!

Roch <>
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - 03/04/2005 at 12:16:45 EDT
Posted by

I bought a '03 V4 750 Magna yesterday. It had 1167 miles on it, it now has 1200. My son wanted a crochrocket untill yesterday. Best [[[darn]]] 33 miles he ever rode!

Mark <>
Merritt Island, FL, USA - 02/27/2005 at 14:52:08 EDT
Posted by

Hi there! My name is Barsik, I love my v30, it's the best motorcycle I ever had. May be just because it is the first... Well, my Honda is my only friend, I think it understands everything I say to it.

Bars <>
Moscow, Russia - 02/23/2005 at 13:01:44 EDT
Posted by

I purchased my first V45 in 1982 and clocked oner 50,000 miles in 10 years. Then I started living on my boat in the summer and didn't use the bike so I sole it. Now I just bought a 1999 Magna abd just counting the day to April first to start riding again. This is the best site i have found on the web for us Magna owners. Keep up the good work. Some of us Magna owners should get together this summer for a tour through New England.

G.O.D. (Good Old Don) <>
Haverhill, MA, USA - 02/22/2005 at 21:24:10 EDT
Posted by

Hi Ya'll From Sherwood Arkansas (Little Rock)I've got a 1986 V65. I love it. I've wanted one since I saw my first back in 1983. It is the nicest one I have ever seen. That's no exaggeration. When I bought it, it had 4200 miles on it with the original tires and everything.Now it has 6800 miles and I am still infatuated with it.This bike will flat out fly. I'd put it up against ANY V-Twin and pretty much any 4 cylinder under 800cc.But that's just talk because I fear and respect this bike and don't want to break it.But if you see me around Sherwood and you are on a Harley or any other cruiser. Don't try and keep up because you probably can't unless I let you.

M. J. Green <>
Sherwood, AR, USA - 02/14/2005 at 15:14:57 EDT
Posted by

Nice bike, it looks very similar to mine... a 2000 VF (baught it new when I was 18, a year ago) which by the way is what all those pics are from the honda page. People find it hard to believe that I (also a Christian) can lower myself to riding a bike, I just tell them "It takes me closer to God"

Jeremy Pringle <>
Calgary, Alberta, CA - 02/06/2005 at 11:12:56 EDT

I own a 2003 Blue Honda Magna. I love it. I considered trade it in for a VTX but everyone kept telling not to do that. I've added some more chrome accessories and some LED blue lighting and it turns heads...If you consdidered trading your Magna don't do'll regret it and if your tired of riding around your neck of the woods ride TEXAS...Hill Country, East Texas...we've got so many beautiful back roads.

Rick <>
Dallas, TX, USA - 01/28/2005 at 00:39:50 EDT
Posted by

just got a 1983 honda Magna 750 V45 for x-mas, this is my first bike, I love it! we named it 'THE BUMBLEBEE,its yellow, I am looking for a sissy bar any help? thanks

Lillian Pagan <>
Blackwood, NJ, USA - 01/12/2005 at 20:58:47 EDT
Posted by

I found my 1996 Magna VF750C for sale with only 1600 miles on it on 9/04. The former owner didnt appreciate the bike much I guess. I have put 1800 miles on it since then and I love the bike. The paint and the chrome turns heads all the time. I have to replace the poor quality Jardine Drag pipes but I have located a nice pair of V&H Classic II's. I love my Magna and plan on riding it for a long time. If you are ever in NY you will find me up on Perkins Peak near Bear Mountain on the weekends. Safe riding everyone!

Brian <>
Nyack, NY, USA - 12/22/2004 at 09:52:48 EDT
Posted by

I own a 83 V65 that is totaly custom and have trophies to prove it.This bike is show and go. Sad thing is,it is for sale 3000.00\Graphic paint,4 into 4 exhaust and all the goodies.

Troy F. <>
Athens, TX, USA - 12/16/2004 at 17:35:37 EDT
Posted by

I bought a red & Black 97 Magna a month ago. I love it. My dad wants one & several guys at church want one. I try to ride it every chance I get even if it is just to go check the mail. Anyone have advise on what will clean the rims good?

Jason Fitzgerald <>
Port Barre, LA, USA - 11/30/2004 at 22:11:51 EDT
Posted by

I hadn't been on a bike in 16 years and recently purchased a 1984 VF700 V45 Magna. I love this bike!!! I am currently active duty and try to ride it everywhere.. Looking to customize it. I know some of the ofter market parts are limited. I am looking forward to the changes. My Magna is a smooth cruiser and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Christine LeSueur <>
Bryan, TX, USA - 10/26/2004 at 17:18:20 EDT
Posted by

1984 Honda V45 MAGNA 15k Blue in very good condition- $2450

Rich Kennedy <>
Wheaton, IL, USA - 10/11/2004 at 06:41:35 EDT
Posted by

I was reciently hit by a drunk driver while stopped at an intersection waiting for the light to change. My 84 V65 Magna was totaled and I'm looking for a new one. I bought mine new in 1984 and kept in in my house when I wasn't riding it, it had 7,000 miles on it and was truley mint condition. I am trying to get a replacement value for the insurance company so if you have a Magna like mine and can give me a price you would sell it for I'll forward it to my insurance company.ThanksDon

Don Baker <>
N. Attleboro, MA, USA - 09/29/2004 at 08:22:43 EDT
Posted by

I have been without a bike for several years, hoping that someday I would be able to replace the Kawasaki 454 that I had lost. Wow!!!!! What a replacement! I just purchased a 1984 V45 Magna. I plan to hold on to this one. It's awesome to be back on the road, especially on a fine machine like this one.

Debbie Klenke <>
Springfield, OR, USA - 09/03/2004 at 02:00:00 EDT
Posted by

Great Site!!!!

Brian Andrews <>
Bridge City, TX, USA - 08/24/2004 at 21:14:29 EDT
Posted by

I have recently bought an 1984 Magna V30, I can't believe how smooth and quick this bike is. It only had 14,000K on it when I got it. I have put 2500k on it since May and I can't ride it enough.

John Ferguson <>
Toronto, Ontario, CA - 08/15/2004 at 22:48:52 EDT
Posted by

Here's a heartbreaker for ya. My 16 yr old son leans my 86 VF750 Magna on its side to get something out of the garage and his bicycle handle bar punctures the fuel tank given all the weight. I am devistated, and having a hell of a time finding a replacement tank. Any tips? I did a mighty Internet search and came up empty. Emailed Honda shops and nada. I am really bummed out. Any advise anyone?

Craig <>
Bloomfield, NJ, USA - 08/06/2004 at 17:22:20 EDT
Posted by

HI,Cool site...just put a down payment on an '84 magna 700...Waiting for a new seat to come in, then it's mine! My first street bike! Runs real quiet and smooth...hope I mad the right's mint except for the seat which will be upgraded soon...cost me $1700.00 splitting it with my girlfriend! Ride to live, live to ride!%Tim

Tim <>
Roanoke, VA, USA - 07/10/2004 at 23:30:48 EDT
Posted by

In Colombia there are a a few Magnas, we have more HD. For my is the best bike, for looking, speed, power and sound, congratulations for your web page. My tecnical english is not so good, if you can send me the specs of 1994 magna (sound problems) i´m gona thank you. Ing. Andrés Cortés

andres cortes <>
Medellin, Ant, Colombia - 07/01/2004 at 05:23:43 EDT

well i just bought the bike. a kid down the street and his dad are big race bike nuts...well the kid started being a smart ass and wonted to race in the 1/4 for pink slips if you will. his dad found out and had a talk with him. now he wont race me ... he has an 92 gx750 race bike its factory. his dad which is about 10 years older than me told him "dont ever mess with a v65, there are a wolf in sheeps clothing" well anyway its funny watching the look on these kids faces when i launch and come flying around this bike!!!!

micah s hulett <>
Little Rock, AR, USA - 06/28/2004 at 23:27:09 EDT
Posted by


Les <>
Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada - 06/15/2004 at 03:13:59 EDT
Posted by

Rode a 1984 700 Magna for years, Loved it! Sold it a while back but I think you guys just convinced me to buy another one.

Wayne Johnson <>
Virginia Beach, VA, USA - 06/10/2004 at 21:49:11 EDT
Posted by

Bought a '96 750 Magna, my wife loves it as much as me. She's the only one allowed on the back ha (well except for one of my 4 daughters). Its my second bike and I couldn't be happier, a couple of friends give me a hard time about not having a Harley, but when theirs are in the shop I still get to ride mine. Come take a ride to the Branson area we have some great roads....Ride Safe....US & Kat Grant

US Grant <>
Branson, MO, USA - 05/16/2004 at 03:49:39 EDT
Posted by

Bought a 82 mag that was sittin' in a garage for 300 bucks(canadian) 6500 km's on it.changed fluids,removed fuel tanks-what a hassle,did the carbs & pickig it up from mech's this week-end.haven't ridden in 20 years and i'm already planning a trip Van.-winnipeg,Wpg-seattle, & then up to home. Any long distance tips that I should know about cncerning a magna ? Thanks,Crabbyman.

Les <>
Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada - 05/05/2004 at 13:25:34 EDT
Posted by

just got a 1983 v65 magna. love it. runs great and fast.

Randy <>
Jackson, MS, USA - 04/21/2004 at 17:41:04 EDT
Posted by

Just bought my 84 magna 700 yesterday ,it was imported from U.S.A in 1995 it's only done 11,000 miles,and only 100 in the last 9years!It looks like it was only made a year ago.It was LOVE at first site,Im a very lucky man.I just got it taxed and M.O.T but today its raining hard all day, but tomorrow were off ! its days of colecting dust in a gararge are over,its time to ride!I rode it for 30 miles yesterday ,and she rides like a dream.Are you alowed to marry a motorcycle?

Jeff Ball <>
Swanage, Dorcet, U.K. - 04/21/2004 at 09:48:59 EDT
Posted by

My co-worker just upgraded his Harley Sportster 883 to the new 2004 1200 model. He was bragging about how with all the high performance factory parts and upgrades he had added on he will be gatting 85 horses. He mentioned that I will be having trouble keeping up with him for a change. I laughed and ponted out that my 86 V65 which is still stock puts out 105 hp. We'll see who keeps up with who.

Erich Britton <>
Woodinville, WA, USA - 04/13/2004 at 10:30:23 EDT
Posted by

just bought a v65 wow what a bike this is what hd,s want to be. ride free baby.

sneeky/snake/aka terry <>
Paducah, KY, USA - 03/11/2004 at 14:50:50 EDT
Posted by

I have a magna v65 1983 looking to sell it its mint 30000 mi how mutch is it worth?.I love the bike but i need cash

Doug Hawley <>
Brantford, Ontario, Canada - 03/04/2004 at 23:00:38 EDT
Posted by

I own an 2oo3 Magna with numerous mods. You have an awesome website!!! :)

David Shelton aka MAGNA_PRIDE <>
Danville, KY, USA - 02/03/2004 at 22:27:31 EDT
Posted by

I bought my '96 Magna on a whim back in early '99.Turns out to be the best bike i've ever owned.

Tim Kraus <>
Elkhart Lake, WI, USA - 01/28/2004 at 12:11:09 EDT
Posted by

I ride a 1986 seven humdred Magna. Would like to here any comments on modifications such as exhaust, cams, oiling, etc. Would like to chop it slightly...any ideas? Thanks, ps Why won't this space let me use the numerals for seven hundred?

Tim Graham <>
Zanesville, OH, USA - 01/26/2004 at 20:14:11 EDT
Posted by

I did the stock mod on my exhaust just a few weeks ago. I couldn't beleive how simple it was. I did not put the endplate back on however, I just painted the inside pipe flat black with high temp paint. It appears stock. I am currently in the market for a new saddle. I like the style of the Corban gunfighter, but I am slightly concerned about my comfort, I am 6'4'' tall. I have installed the MAPAM forward control kit and they have helped me out significantly. Fellow Magna Rider MRA #1338

Chris Hansen <>
Laurinburg, NC, USA - 01/20/2004 at 19:07:03 EDT
Posted by

Hi , I have a yellow Magna 96 Its a great machine !!! Kind regards , Gee

Brussels, Belgium - 01/16/2004 at 10:55:01 EDT
Posted by

I have a '96 Honda Magna. Unfornately, I had a lady pull out in front of me the other night and I had to lay it down. I am going to be looking for custom parts to repair the bike. Would be interested in any help you could provide. Thanks. Darren.

Darren Hawk <>
Raeford, NC, USA - 01/03/2004 at 21:47:31 EDT
Posted by

great bike

eddyg <>
UK - 12/15/2003 at 17:45:29 EDT
Posted by

Thanks for the great site, I asked you about the leatherlyke bags over the summer and purchased them shortly after, your right they are superb bags. I fixed my stock pipes also, sounds good! Most of all I joined the CMA after playing on your site!! Thanks bro. + Floyd

Floyd Hangey <>
Boyertown, PA, USA - 11/30/2003 at 02:45:01 EDT
Posted by

Hello and how's everyone doing. I recently bought a 2oo3 3 magna and i think it's a great bike. I look forward to riding it for a long time to come. I do however have 1 concern. After surfing the web,and reading as much as i can about the magna,I came across this service bulletin from 1994 about top end noise from inadequate oiling of the cams via camshaft holders. Does anyone know anything about this? Has the problem been corrected? I would also like to know if it is something that i need to be concerned about? I would appreciate any help or advice. I only have 1512 miles on my bike as of now. Thank you very much. Ron

Ron Brewer <>
Corpus Christi, TX, USA - 11/17/2003 at 14:58:06 EDT
Posted by

well i got the magna 2oo3 and went ahead and did the exaust trick! just step 1&2 and i love it!! not too loud but still get noticed! plus just went to Bikeroctoberfest in Dautona FL, was a hit! lots of people were taking pics of my bike! awesome page keep up the good work!

Andrew Bouffard <>
Orlando, FL, USA - 10/17/2003 at 12:49:44 EDT
Posted by

Old school rider, but bought a 1995 Magna 4 days ago .. hmmmmm think i will park the old 1973 CB 75O ... hmmm luv my new bike

Darrin Johnson <>
Charleston, TN, USA - 09/15/2003 at 18:26:10 EDT
Posted by


South LA, CA, USA - 08/29/2003 at 00:10:03 EDT
Posted by

I ride a 84 Honda Magna VF 7OO, and will ride this bike till the day i die. I bought it a few years back with 2O,OOO miles on it, and continue to do the regular maintence on it and it rides as good as, or better than ANY new bike produced today. It brakes, shifts, and accelerates exceptionally smoothly, and the engine just purs. It is a true piece of superb manufacturing and an overall badass ride!

Kevin <>
New York, NY, USA - 07/25/2003 at 16:36:43 EDT
Posted by

I have a 1985 Magna. Im thinking about taking off some of the old stuff and adding the late model accessories and parts.

Michael West <>
USA - 07/03/2003 at 18:11:14 EDT
Posted by

Nice site. Keep up the good work. I ride a 95 magna and wouldn't trade it for the world.

Kapone <>
USA - 06/23/2003 at 12:26:00 EDT
Posted by

My Magna is an old 1984 V65 which I have had for only a few months. This is the first Japanese bike I've owned in over 30 years as mostly I've ridden English and German. It is a novelty to just get on and ride and not have to spend an equal amount of time wrenching. I like it.

Dan Logan <>
Portland, OR, USA - 05/06/2003 at 16:23:44 EDT

Just a short hello from a norwegian who love the magna, and for the moment seriously customising me own. Fun to se a great page and meet other magna ovners.

Tor M Dybvik <>
Trondheim, Norway - 04/01/2003 at 02:02:11 EDT
Posted by

Hi there - i´m riding a magna vf75Oc 94 ;-) - it´s the best bike i´ve ever seen!!! its an orginal american - really crazy! look at my page, there you can see me on my bike (it´s in german only sorry!!) sure i will come back again!!! have nice time!! bye!

Sonja <>
Regensburg, Germany - 03/02/2003 at 10:54:59 EDT
Posted by

Dug the video of your Thanksgiving run. Looks just like the view from my '96.

Upstate Viper <>
Rochester, NY, USA - 02/18/2003 at 22:40:10 EDT
Posted by

97 magna, 99 and 2oo1 yellow jacket :)

Yellow Jacket <>
delray beach, FL, USA - 02/13/2003 at 17:12:57 EDT
Posted by

I ride a 1984 honda v45 magna

Dave Mitchell <>
Moncton, Canada - 01/21/2003 at 16:24:40 EDT
Posted by

ferry nice site i m olso a bikerwit a magna greetings vrom belgium tmc unicorn

Jafaar <>
Antwerpen, Belgium - 01/21/2003 at 15:06:06 EDT
Posted by

Always glad to see tips and tricks for the Magna, Thanks

Chris <>
Plant City, FL, USA - 12/25/2002 at 19:53:18 EDT
Posted by

Great site! I bought a '95 magna on Dec 2, 2K2, with 817 miles on far,425 miles later, its GREAT! Gotta run, more accessories to blow money on.

Jay <>
Eunice, LA, USA - 12/19/2002 at 11:53:57 EDT
Posted by

Magna is a great bike! I have 1983 V-65 and 1999 V-45. Both are in pristine shape, as i keep my toys in very good condition. Gotta love the incredible power of the V-65.

Kevin <>
Homer, IL, USA - 10/30/2002 at 15:55:35 EDT
Posted by

Hi, us canucks can have a Magna also. I love my bike I wish that I can ride it year round. Tks George

George <>
Edmonton, Canada - 10/22/2002 at 22:16:06 EDT
Posted by

Hi, I own Magna second year and to be honest it´s no doubt the best bike I´ve ever been driving. Good to know there´s a Magna´s fan like you. Johny

Johny <>
Slusovice, Czech Republic - 10/04/2002 at 03:30:50 EDT
Posted by

I just bought a 1999 Magna with 1300 miles on it. This is my first street bike, and so far I love it. I am thinking of adding road pegs, and a better seat though.

Kirk De Foor <>
Gillham, AR, USA - 08/31/2002 at 21:59:16 EDT
Posted by

very nice web site. enjoy your tips and tricks section alot. i have a 94 magna (i sent you some pics of the engine surgery) which took about 4 hours time. have done some additional things to the bike, such as converting hanging saddlebags to hard mount bags using an inside steel bracket, and have developed a sissy bar bag adaptor to hold bags without having to use a rear rack for support. Will send pics when available. thx

Larry Bell <>
Atascadero, CA, USA - 07/31/2002 at 20:28:12 EDT
Posted by

Thanks very much for the joyride I had today!

Ruby Reyna <>
San Antonio, TX, USA - 06/03/2002 at 00:05:06 EDT
Posted by

nice looking bike. i have a 95 mag wife and i ride alot

Dave <>
Bethany, OK, USA - 05/27/2002 at 10:44:55 EDT
Posted by

Great page... and nice bike. Got rid of my first V65 Magna 6 years ago. It was an '84 and I owned it for 8 years and had over 150k on it when I sold it. Two months ago I finally picked up another. It's an '83 V65 Magna with less than 10K. Looking forward to putting many miles on this one as well.

Steve <>
Gilbert, AZ, USA - 04/02/2002 at 11:12:22 EDT

Tök jó,hogy ráakadtam erre az oldalra.Egyszerűen király!Nekem is van egy '95 Magna VF750 motorom.A motorozás az életem.

László Szommer <>
Dunakeszi, Hungary - 11/01/2000 at 11:24:59 EDT
Posted by

Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday black and yellow HONDA, Happy birthday to yoooooou!!! One year ago today... I was there! I got the first ride! (and scare!) I got to smash my helmet into Space's head first when he slammed on the brakes! I got the first wobbles! (did I mention he scared me?) AND JUST SO MUCH MORE!!! I was there!

Evelyn <>
San Antonio, TX, USA - 10/02/2000 at 20:56:51 EDT
Posted by

caught a glance at your bike .Mine's same as yours,w/exception of back rack/rest,windshield,hard bags,etc. Iuse it every day to and from school and after football practice it's just a great release to cruise. great page! out here. j.b.

Coach Jay Blount <>
Greenville, MS, USA - 09/30/2000 at 23:00:56 EDT
Posted by

I like your bike, i have one just like it. KEEP IT LOOKING GOOD...

Chad <>
Lafayette, LA, USA - 09/17/2000 at 23:58:41 EDT
Posted by

Chuck, Nice bike and that was a great idea for mounting the highway pegs...I have pegs mounted now but it is too high and kind of awkward when I put my feet on it...I will be trying your idea very soon, as soon as I get done with some of my safe

Edwinb <>
OH, USA - 09/06/2000 at 01:19:15 EDT
Posted by

Nice bike. I just took the MSF class myself and bought a 84 Magna V30. First day i rode for 3 hours and later my face hurt from smiling. Too much fun!

Ryan Feagan <>
Omaha, NE, USA - 08/18/2000 at 10:14:18 EDT

Just surfed across your page one day ... nice page and nice bike. Mine is a 94 Magna great running machines.<

Beetle Bailey <>
O, USA - 08/10/2000 at 23:06:04 EDT

Guestbook up and running.... rock on.

Space G <>
Holloman AFB, NM, USA - 07/26/2000 at 18:57:13 EDT

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