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My 97 Honda Magna VF750C Official Honda seal of quality
Beauty and the Beast ... and that bike ain't no beast

"It's all in the wrist"

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  • A Magna-powered jukebox
    A Magna-powered jukebox

    "So... HOW COLD WAS IT?!"
    Wind Speed (MPH) =
    Air Temperature (F) =

    Ride temp: F
    Difference between the Magna and non-Magna types: non-Magna types have to consider the temp first
    Click HERE to unlock the secret of how to defeat the cold

    Dental Case Study

    MY HYPOTHESIS: Blacker smiles lead to more fulfilled lives

    Toothpaste and Listerine commercials tout how whiter smiles lead to getting all sorts of great things. However, what if truth be known that BLACKER SMILES actually lead to true happiness?? Consider Exhibit A, below!
    Which smile would you rather have?
    Exhibit A: Happy-looking motorcycle rider (left) and not-as-happy looking non-motorcycle rider (right)

    WHITE SMILES require a lot of work: you have to brush daily, use mouthwash, floss, teeth whitner, braces, retainer, expensive doctor visits, UltraViolet light jobs, bla bla BLA! and the costs go on and on!...

    But DARKER SMILES are actually enjoyable to work for. Just buy yerself a Honda Magna and hit the road--that's it! Your body does all the work for you in just minutes! By it realizing your riding the open road with no set destination, the body exercises its oral muscles, causing you to involuntarily smile (person on the left) as you ride by soccer-mom minivans, imprisoned in their "cage on four wheels" (person on the right) ... probably with their "Harley-Davidson" sticker centered in the rear window... Yeah--that's real tough. *webmaster rolls eyes* Pffft....

    So now that you're convinced, how do we fix this problem?
    Put the soccer mom on the right on a Honda Magna and you get instant results:
    Much better!
    Exhibit B: Improved looks after riding

    Safety and Certification

    Official seal of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation

    Defensive Tactics: My "Top Three"

    Been riding all four years without ever crashing because I...
    1. Ride with high beams on--all the time (both day and night)

    2. Always have my thumb at the ready on my horn toggle when cars approach in any direction in adjacent lanes

    3. Never lock even my rear brake--I pump front+rear brakes when needing to immediately stop
    (I disagree with the MSF training block, "locking rear brakes at 20 mph until stop"; pumping brakes has always kept me in control)

    War Stories and Bike Rallies (click below!)

    2000 Golden Aspen Rally of Ruidoso, NM
    2001 Golden Aspen Rally of Ruidoso, NM


    Mi Magna
    In September of 99, I made the mistake of taking a ride on the back of my friend's Honda CBR600 crotchrocket. Since then, I made one more discovery in my life that I didn't know I had an interest in. I bought this beauty used (9900 miles on it) customized with saddle bags, paint job, and engine guards. I've been riding since September of 1999 but I can say that my enjoyment and knowledge of riding grows every day.

    Sunday uniform of the day

    I find church to be THE critical staple of a healthy, prosperous life. Therefore, just as I must dress appropriately, I must also choose carefully my mode of travel. I highly recommend taking the Honda Magna 750 to church. It's conservative, quiet, and the colors don't clash with your Sunday best.

    Comfort level=MAX
    Comfort plays a very important role in choosing the right bike.Get a pillow, ride down to the Biloxi beach on 90, park facing the sun, and bask, mi amigo ... bask...

    Rear view Rear-right View 'In Your Face' View Deer Whistle view Fanny View Driver, first-person view Side view
    Click on an above thumbnail for an enlarged pic, dude!

    Booming speaker Adding teeth to da pipes

    Want your Magna to sound less like a crotchrocket and more street smart?
    If so, I highly recommend following the instructions for the process called
    Stock Muffler "Fix" (courtesy of the official Magna riders website):
    NOTE: I only followed steps 1 and 2 and then threw the baffle and end plates away. I know it leaves gaping holes but I've grown comfortable with it--increases engine performance. It's been almost two years now and to this day, I've had no engine anomalies or complications. This is my testimony...

    (73k .MP3)
    (84k .MP3)
    (or appropriately titled,
    "Cheap Thrill")
    (131k .MP3)

    WARNING: The below guidance is only suggestive--not directive. I am not responsible for any damages, injuries, or complications resultant.
    1: First off you need to take out the rivets at the rear of the muffler. To do this you will need to knock out the rivet center pins first. Just take a small punch and drive the pins through the rivets. After doing this, drill out the rivets using a #21 drill bit. After you have all the rivets out, take a pair of vice grips and clamp them on the part of the tail pipe that extends out from the end plate. Then take a small hammer and hit the vice grips to remove the end plate/baffle assembly.... This takes a little effort!

    2: After you have the four end plates removed, cut off the baffles even with the inside of the end plate with a hacksaw, or whatever you wish to use. When you have the baffles removed you need to grind the 1" tail pipe off of the end plate.

    3: Now comes the fun part! Get a piece of 1 1/2" thin wall steel tubing and cut the end to match the old tail pipes angle. They only have to be about 2" in lengh. Now you will have to enlarge the center hole so that the larger 1 1/2" tubing will fit in the end plate. A cutting torch or a grinder can do this. Next you will need to have the new tubing welded in place. Try to keep the new pieces of tubing sticking out of the end of the end plate the same distance on each one! NOTE: I didn't do this

    4: Next you need to clean out the old rivet pieces out of your mufflers. Get a good high temp black paint and paint the end plate, inside and out! After it dries, re-rivet the end plates back on the mufflers. Then start it up and listen to the music!!! I did this and mine still runs great, with NO re-jetting! This will vary though due to different elevations. It sure beats spending $400 on pipes that aren't chromed as good as the stock ones and don't sound as good! NOTE: I didn't do this

    The below is what the pipes look like, post-op, without the plates replaced
    I tried sanding the rust off but no luck. However, no new rust has appeared since (I did this in '02)
    And I didn't replace the end plates because I believe it promotes breathing, thus performance
    After about a week, I stopped caring what the ends looked like without the plates... Pipes, post-op, without the plates

    Close up of the left side of the cut pipes

    Stock Muffler Fix
    By those who swear on the
    holy Magna OEM Service Manual
    Honda rider swearing on the holy Magna OEM Service Manual

       >From: alfonso diaz [mailto:---] 
       >Sent: Saturday, July 05, 2003 9:34 AM 
       >I just wanted to let you know I did what you did on my Magnas
       > exhaust (Steps 1&2 only) and it sounds awsome. I especially
       > like that it took me about an hour and it was free. I have
       > a 99 that I just bought this year. 
       >AL Diaz 
       >Member # 1289 
       >Magna Riders Association 

       >From: Will Salberg [mailto:---] 
       >Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2003 6:26 PM 
       >Hello Chuck,
       > Well, after going through countless Dremel tungsten carbide bits,
       > I finally finished up the  job on the pipes. Thanks for all of
       > your help and tips on this job. I am very satisfied with the way
       > the job finished up. I've found that the pipes actually sound
       > better than some aftermarket pipes on the market.
       > Now onto the next project of removing all of the heat sink side
       > plates off of the engine and hitting them with a coat of black
       > engine paint then using some paint thinner to take the black
       > off of the tips of the heat sinks to give the engine that
       > blackened chrome look.  I'm sure that once that is finished
       > I'll find another thing to do to it as my bike always seems
       > to be a work in progress, but I am sure you know how that
       > goes. Once again, thanks for your help.


    Hand Gestures you Give to Drivers

    Become bi-lingual: learn the universally recognized Road Warrior sign-language
    Recognized motorcyclist hand gestures
    Click here to set this chart up for printing Click the printer icon for a prepared 8x12 signaling chart for printing

    Question and 'Great Answer' time...

    Generic Q & A

    I'm getting more e-mail now with questions that beg for the masses to hear...

    The Magnus' sprockets need adjusting if you're going above 5,000 RPM @ 75MPH Q: Have you found on your bike a desire for a sixth gear at highway speeds? Some links I've read said the whine at that RPM is irritating.


    Multimedia Cache

    "In Search of..." (links!)

    Deprived: Man lookin' for a Magna

    A fun sign

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    Scare the evil Harley monster away!
    Buy 'em one of these!

    You been everywhere--man--you been everywhere??
    I've been everywhere, man, I've been everywhere...
    "HEY! That thing got a HEMI?"

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