"I'm talking about a little place called... Assssssspen."
Jim Carrey, Dumb & Dumber

Space: I won 'youngest rider' award of age 24 (official)
Space: won 'youngest rider' award of age 24 (official)
The Annual Golden Aspen Rally, Ruidoso, NM
Jay: received 'longest time to start a bike' award (unofficial)
Jay: won 'longest time to start a bike' award (unofficial)
The Space & Jay Experience

Rally HQ--Ruidoso Convention Center
Sunrise... Wednesday. It's the beginning of the five day Golden Aspen Motorcycle Rally in south-central New Mexico. Almost 25,000 bikes swarm into headquarters--the Ruidoso Convention Center. Everywhere you look on the street-- oncoming, behind you, to the side, in the drug store parking lots, restaurants, hotels, campsites, gas stations, malls... us bikes took over all...

The Fluff

Honda Magna with tricycle kit
An elderly woman with a southern accent customized her Hondus Magnus with a trike package and then painted it up with the Tweety Bird Theme Pack (pardon the MS-Plus jargon).

For that, I give her my coveted "border=10" award.

This, I thought, was really silly...
El Riceburner
Duff--I saw this and thought of your Triumph.

Demo Rides

Honda Trike
I decided to take a demo ride on the Honda Trike. Interesting.... have to reverse the universal laws regarding turning. Not too confusing, though. They said for every year of motorcycle riding would take one day to adjust yourself to the trike.

After that, Jay and I took a demo on the BMW R 1200C. It was OK... has an anti-lock brake system so you can grab on the front brake as hard as you want and not fly off. Also, the rear seat is adjustable so it can tilt up and give you (vibrating) back support... which hurts after 10 minutes.
BMW R 1200C
Click above for official BMW stats

The Flying "J"
The second night, pre-registrants were given a ticket to eat at the Flying J Chuckwagon and Dinner Show (a family restaurant). For almost a thousand people, we were the last table of 20 to be served and we made waited only about 12 minutes!! We were warned not to say "no beans" as we went through the line or we'd be subjected to a humiliation worse than a shower and delousing in a Turkish prison (well maybe not that bad).
We ate a good meal, fellowshipped with riders we didn't know, and were entertained with good ol' fashioned country music and jokes by the "Flying J." It was most excellent.
What I took away from the Flying J is their promise and tribute never to forget the freedom afforded it by those who serve and did serve in the military. I highly recommend taking your family.

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Bob Duffey Stunt Show

Stunt Rider Bob Duffey, 52 (I think), put on a most excellent show by riding forward (hah), backward, and decided to risk the lives of two beautiful human melons by separating them from a can of Planter's peanuts which Mr. Duffey subsequently flattened (as in the picture).

What I found most interesting is that he set up a ramp to jump and placed a couple yards of paper down and people could bet money on where he'd land on his backtire. People put $10s and $5s down on a mark of their designation. Turns out he landed his back tire at 72 feet and some guy won the pool of money guesses ($190).

Piece of advice--when Mr. Duffey rode in, his tire spokes had the coolest glowing colors! When he came to a stop, turns out he taped two glow sticks to two spokes (click on picture). CLEVER!!! So next time you want your bike to get looks on the road at night, buy some scotch tape and glow sticks...

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This really should be appropriately titled "Friends" but this guy is a handful in himself.

We met some riding friends along the way. Standing at one of the many Cloudcroft cliff edges is (from right to left) Tom, Trudi, and Jack. Trudi and Jack are married and ride a Honda Shadow.

Jack and Trudi are married and Jack was an Air Force pilot. Tom served, too. He's a Vietnam vet. He said he doesn't like his picture taken because it "takes some of his spirit out" of him.
Oh, Tom... will you ever win?

Tom, 62, (unofficially) gets the "Acts like a child" award for this rally. Tom wears a leather outfit consisting of these earmuff things (on the right), cool black goggles, and on his chaps, while not very visible, you'll notice on his left pantleg he stitched in the phrase "David Harleyson." Guess he has something against Harley riders...
Tom told us a lot of cool stories about himself in college and at Sturgis. As this is a family, TV-G web page, I'll not tell the tales... unless you e-mail me and ask about:
  • Fried Eggs
  • The Washing Machine
  • The guy at Sturgis who wore chaps without pants or underwear
I conclude Tom looks/sounds like Randy Quaid from National Lampoon's Christmas
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Tom--the 62 year old child

Bulls on Parade
(I just wanted a cool sub-title, so I took the above title from a Rage Against the Machine song to describe parade day.)
On Saturday morning, all voluntary participants put on their biker's best and got in line to ride through the police-controlled downtown streets of Ruidoso for the benefit of our two-legged friends sitting on the side of the road who would admire the sights.


Like father, like son...
Look out Honda tricycles, this is the recliner-style trike.
The face only a Harley mother could love!
This guy forgot to put his face on before the parade. I hate when that happens!
I let this guy try my Magna before the parade. It was too much for his hair.
The non-human rider element. (I was gonna bring my hamster.)
The most decorated Harley from Barnett's Harley in El Paso, TX. Has 400 lights on it... and lost to a Honda Goldwing in the "night lite" contest.
Hey Al Gore--how's this for efficient energy use?