"The Most Notorious Floor of '94"

Illinois Institute of Technology's
The authentic and original 'Third Floor East' gang

Third Floor East: <thyrd flor E-st> n. 1. Third floor, East Hall, McCormick
Resident Complex, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL, USA. 2. It
started as Third Floor East, then TFE, 3 FLE for about 10 seconds, finally
3FE. 3. The symbol (seen above) is similar to the Chinese character for "jade"

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Unofficial IIT Cafeteria Newsletters
(They made us so mad over four years we decided to do a little tribute...)
Issue 1:
Sodekso Poop Chronicle

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Issue 1:
The Daily Swill

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(This official 3FE song dedicated to the "AugeDog")

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Birth of the IIT mutation

Most of the members all spent their first few days living on the first floor of North Hall. During the first day of moving in, most of what would become the 3FE clan kept to themselves or hung out with their roommates. Sooner or later, people began to expand outward. Since Auge's roommate, one Michael Allbaugh, ended up not attending IIT, he was left to fend for himself. Initally, he hung out with dudes from NIU during AFROTC introductions, but soon he learned better. While walking from his temporary room to the hall bathroom, he heard some sweet music coming from nearby. Upon coming to the door, he met Darth and Josh Fite (future frat boy). For the next couple of hours, the three talked about their hometowns, chicks, and school. This would be one of many inital meetings that evening that would materialize into the unification of 3FE. Another memorable meeting occurred the next evening in the temporary room of Space Ghost. This conversation between Space, Auge, Pete, and Kentucky lasted for hours. Afterward, they would walk outside to see the upset "Beer God" kicking things around and yelling up a storm. Thus, these gentlemen had to carry the torch on their voyage to their new home the next day.

It was during the 3FE trek that the bonding between clan members began as everyone helped each other in the moving process. Third Floor East was unique compared to the other East Hall floors in that it had been remodeled, equipped with new beds and desks. Also included were desk lamps for 3FE members to keep. Immediately, Adam Romanowicz and James Gursky were spreading 3FE goodwill by introducing themselves to everyone on the floor. It was on this day that many 3FE people went to their "first supper" in the cafeteria. With AFROTC orientation out of the way there was IIT orientation...complete with seminars and fraternity RUSH. With outside pressures to conform to IIT life, 3FE members opted to do their own thing. Initial outside excursions included a field trip to The Alley and The Admiral. These activities sealed the bond between the more hardcore initial 3FE members. From there, more 3FE disciples came forth in the historic 1994-1995 academic year. Many have lived in those hallowed halls since, but the true spirit will always and forever remain with those that were there during those infamous ten months.

The Untouchables
The Original 1994 3FE Members

Those Were The Daaaaaaaays...
The 3FE Wonder Years Episodes

Recent addition by Auge!! 4/17/00

Recent addition by Auge!! 5/30/00

Recent addition by Mozo!! 6/8/00

Recent addition by Space!! 6/14/00

Recent addition by Duff!! January 2002

Recent addition by Mozo!! March 2003
3FE Lexicon
Terms, Quotes, and Definitions of an IIT mutation gone awry! (us)

Spoore's excuses for not doing stuff
How to get yourself out of sticky situations (except for JJ)

  • "I have to floss my cat."
  • "I've dedicated my life to linguini."
  • "I need to spend more time with my blender."
  • "It wouldn't be fair to the other Beautiful People."
  • "It's my night to pet the dog/ferret/goldfish."
  • "I'm going downtown to try on some gloves."
  • "I have to check the freshness dates on my dairy products."
  • "I'm going down to the bakery to watch the buns rise."
  • "I have an appointment with a cuticle specialist."
  • "I have some really hard words to look up."
  • "I've got a Friends of the Lowly Rutabaga meeting."
  • "I promised to help a friend fold road maps."

3FE Reforestation Operations
Click on a Pic

In late 97, on a dark and stormy night, individuals--who'll remained classified--snuck down and borrowed all the plants from McCormick lounge for our own personal use. So when you read about leaving the plants alone in your Residence Handbook--thank us for having that rule put in...
New rule in the handbook, complements of 3FE

"Hey! Where'd all the plants go?!"

One view of Third Floor East

A impressed resident verifies the Operation's success

3FE sCrapbook

3FE Members after Fall 94 DET 195 Dining-In
Third Floor East (3FE) DET 195 Dining-In: 11 Nov 1994
(Posing in hallowed 3FE lounge)

Back row (left to right):
James Auge-"AugeDog", Greg Anderson-"Cali", Chris Mukukenow-"Beavis", James Gursky-"Gursky",
Jody Bialowas-"Jody", Aaron Brace-"Lurch", Travis Chalmers-"C.C.", "Space Ghost",
John Crane-"J.J.", Greg Duntz-"Duntz"

Front row (left to right):
Dan Lang-"Darth", Eric Compton-"Smash", Pete Pineda-"Spic", Mark Richardson-"Kentucky"
(Not pictured: Adam Romonowicz-"The Cure", Anthony Henson-"Germany", Arthur Poore-"Spoore")

3FE's Final Supper ... together. *sniff*
Third Floor East (3FE) "Final Supper": Fall 1994
(Posing in not-hallowed IIT cafeteria)

As the Fall 94 semester comes to a close, the original members of 3FE eat their "final supper" in the HUB cafeteria.
Gus, the guy in the red Bulls outfit, ran the W.O.P.R. (aka--lab computer taken from East Hall basement)

3FE Members take a well deserved break from two minutes of studying
3FE members, with five dollar welfare wine, take time to smile

"What is 3 F E?? Are you part of a gang?"
-Capt Kruk, DET 195 Commandant of Cadets, speaking to Cadet Duffy, Spring 1997

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